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Wear Plate USA is confident the HC1600 series of wear resistant steel is the best abrasion resistant material in todays market, particularly with the introduction of Tungsten and Niobium grades.  It often takes testing material to prove this to the end user.  We want our dealers to succeed in growing their sales. so Wear Plate USA is offering a test material policy. 

Our exclusive offering is we will give a credit of 25% to dealers of the initial cost of the price of the plate to pass it along to the end user, with a larger credit given when the test results become a way of a purchase order from the customer.

The requirements to qualify:

◻ Dealer must provide the issues the customer is having with their current wear plate.

◻ Dealer must provide the type of wear plate that it’s replacing, with how long the previous wear plate lasted

◻ Dealer must receive prior approval before test material is used. 

◻ Dealer must submit pictures of installed test plate 
◻ Dealer must schedule a follow up to take an ultra sound of the test plate to test the wear 
◻ Dealer must provide a testimonial on the performance of the replacement plate  
◻ Dealer must provide the estimated of sales from the customer with a timeline of future projects 


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