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Ingeneious. Wear Plate  B METALLIC SUPER ALLOY WEAR PLATE Mining and Quarry Applications Cement and concrete Pulp and Paper  Power Generation Applications Rail Applications Sugar High Chrome HC1650 Tungsten HC1670 Niobium Hc 1660 Overlay wear plate Chromium Carbide

The continuous developments of the manufacturing process and method is to generate the super hyper-eutectic microstructure with exotic alloy matrix combinations to combat the harsh environments in the mining industry.

Anisotropic Global Spec series is a directional wear plate of general-purpose, available in Tungsten for high abrasion low impact and Niobium for high Impact with medium abrasion applications. The HC 1650 is High Chrome Austenitic wear plate


The Tungsten, and Niobium wear plate formulations prove to have exceptional abrasion and impact properties, the G65 rubber wheel test proves less than .3 grams loss and contains a higher saturation of carbide than the typical submerged arc process with a typical nominal hardness of 1600 Hv. across the range of Tungsten and Niobium grade wear plates. 

Applications include apron feeders, pan feeders, crusher liners, conveyor skirt liners, transfer chutes, cyclones, buckets, train load-out chutes, dozer blades, truck beds, buckets, and loader liners. Check out our application chart. 

All the best.


“We stand behind our product” in offering a life cycle guarantee. Applications studied case by case, our engineering team will examine the cost savings difference. Anisotropic Global spec Technologies is committed to the research and development of the formulations that will give the best protection against most wear applications. 

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