The passion and back ground leads me too develop the ultimate in complex carbide matrix formulations for our industry of wear resistant steel (WRS). I studied welding engineering in Perth Western Australia at Midland campus and served my time with my late father Gene Kostecki and Maria Kostecki at Weldtronics building cladding machines. Today I serve my time as an "independent" manufacturer from what my late father created; the smooth overlay CCO wear plate, the legacy continues by securing the revolutionary utility "Patent" of the smooth overlay process in the United States.

The continuous developments of the manufacturing process and method is to generate the super hyper-eutectic microstructure with exotic alloy matrix combinations to combat the harsh environments in the mining industry. Developing a innovative bi-metallic super alloy matrix of multiple grades to suit most all applications specifically, with engineering expertise across fix plant and mobile plant applications. Our infield fabrication distributors have expertise in engineering and design services with locations conveniently located across North America and South America.

Our Life Cycle Guarantee is our K-TECK commitment. Receiving wear plate life cycle data allows us to select a formula that best suits the application to maximize life cycle performance.

K –TECK OEM series is a directional wear plate of general purpose, available in Tungsten for high abrasion low impact and Niobium for high Impact with medium abrasion applications. K-TECK OEM 100 is an entry level High Chrome Austenitic wear plate. The OEM 100 is the entry level cost efficient wear resistant steel plate with a huge saturation of Chrome Carbide and is best suited for medium abrasion and impact applications.

The Smooth NON directional Millspec and Superglide series is a low coefficient of friction that has exceptional wear resistance and anti-hang-up properties in OEM, Tungsten and Niobium grades for mineral processing in most all applications. 

K-TECK WRS OEM, Tungsten and Niobium wear plate formulations prove to have exceptional abrasion and impact properties, the G65 rubber wheel test prove of less than .3 grams loss

K-TECK WRS OEM contains a higher saturation of carbide than the typical submerged arc process with a typical nominal hardness of 1600 Hv. across the OEM range of Tungsten and Niobium grade of wear plate. Available in 3 surface Finishes.

K-TECK WRS applications include apron feeders, pan feeders, crusher liners, conveyor skirt liners, transfer chutes, cyclones, buckets, train load out chutes, dozer blades, truck beds, buckets, and loader liners. Check out our application chart. 


Andrew Kostecki 




“We stand behind our product” in offering a life cycle guarantee. Provided we can receive previous accurate data to measure the performance of our brand of wear plate against an alternative brand. Applications studied case by case, our engineering team will examine the cost savings difference.  Kostecki Technologies is committed in research and development of the formulations that will give the best protection against most wear applications.