Kostecki Technologies has a vast knowledge of applications. Combined with our infield distributors, we are committed to delivering  the best life cycles possible. It’s always important to receive life cycle date for continuous improvement. 

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Kostecki Technologies of in field fabrication distributors are a full engineering and design service with locations across North America.   
K-TECK Superglide has exceptional wear resistance and Anti Hang-up properties in the OEM, Tungsten and Niobium series (refer to application Guide) with applications the entire range of Mineral processing.

K-TECH WRS tungsten Wear Plate provides exceptional abrasion with medium impact Resistance typically found in copper processing.

The various grades of wear plate, OEM, Tungsten and Niobium, can serves the best applications from the very hard M7C3 carbide to suit many applications. 


K-TECK WRS is used in many applications that include apron feeders, pan feeders, crusher liners, conveyor skirt liners, transfer chutes, cyclones, buckets, train load out chutes, dozer blades, truck bed, bucket, and loader liners.

K-TECK WRS offers a Micro structure with rich chromium carbides with a typical nominal hardness of 1600 Hv. Across the OEM, Tungsten and Niobium grades.