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The K –TECK OEM Series wear plate is a directional plate for best life cycle and wear life durations, also available in Tungsten for high abrasion low impact and Niobium for high Impact with medium abrasion applications. The OEM is the general use wear plate that will suit many applications.

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 The K-TECK Millspec series wear plate is a SMOOTH wear plate and is a NON DIRECTIONAL wear plate with a hardness of up to 60Rc and is available in Tungsten and Niobium Grades to suit the application.

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The K-TECK Superglide is a SMOOTH wear plate that is machined PRE POLISHED and also a NON DIRECTIONAL wear plate with a hardness of up to 60Rc.with grades of Niobium Carbide and Tungsten Carbide for extreme wear and impact applications to suit most all industries.